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Monday, July 23, 2012

The New Guy

Our new guy seems to be fitting in just fine.  He is so laid back and really only cries when he's hungry, needs a diaper changed, or feels neglected.  There is so much noise and a general sense of chaos in the house that he seems to get nervous when it is too quiet.  He is adored by his siblings and puts up with an amazing amount of poking and prodding from various little fingers all day long.

He's started rolling over from his back onto his tummy which is literally met with applause from his brother and sisters.  He is grabbing and reaching for things and absolutely everything goes into his mouth. He's babbling up a storm and every now and again screams just to mix it up a bit.

Night time is still challenging.  He's a hungry little guy and likes to eat every 2-4 hours...or more.  I am blessed to have the perspective that this stage will not last forever and actually enjoy that time with him in the middle of the night when it is just the two of us.

His onesie reads "I'm the new guy" - too cute to pass up on a trip to Target.

He's hamming it up for his sister who was making funny faces at him.  I love that gummy smile!
Of course I think he's the best, most beautiful baby ever.  But I've said that 6 times before.  This time of babyhood is so fleeting.  I just hope that I'm taking enough pictures and stopping to take it all in so that I don't forget any of it.  Thank God for the gift of life - babies are such a blessing!

God Bless!

Heather :-)