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My "Kraftings"

So, what does a happy mom do with all her creations?  Why she makes them available to others of course! 

When we had our first baby, we received many gifts.  While I was grateful for the presents, I often found myself thinking, "Why couldn't it look like...."  So, I'd remake it the way I thought it should be.  Then I'd give those as gifts to our friends who were having babies.  When I started to get positive feedback from them, I thought I'd try selling my stuff.  I entered into the interesting world of craft shows and have been there ever since.  My fabulous hubby with the technology know-how put a website together a few years later.  Today, we do a few craft shows a year and also have the website available year-round. 

Our family business is a fun way to spend time together.  Todd cuts fabric for me, the big girls do the pinning and some of the cutting, and I mostly do the sewing.  There is usually some family member with me at the craft shows, so that's a nice day of chatting too.

We use the profits to help pay for "extras" for the family.  The bigger kids all have music lessons (piano or guitar), swim lessons, acting classes, online learning opportunities...you know how quickly that all adds up!  We also save up for family vacations (Wisconsin Dells is our favorite!) to create fun memories away from home.

Take a peek at my etsy shop where I sell my "kraftings".


Thanks for checking it out!  If there is something specific you'd like, please send me a message and I'll see if I can help you out!

God Bless!

Heather :-)