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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Peter's Baptism

This past weekend, we celebrated as the Church welcomed Peter Francis into the fold!  The ceremony was held after Mass with our family, Grandma Pam, and the Godparents with their children. 

Peter was NOT happy.  He had his mind set on nursing and wanted nothing to do with this whole Baptism thing.  He cried and cried!

Father Larry holding newly baptized Peter Francis.

Peter with his Godparents.

Our first family photo with Peter!

Peter's lovely Godmother made these adorable cookies.  Esther could not wait to get her hands on them!

Here is a better look at the cookies after I took the wrapping off.

Going, going, gone!  They were as delicious as they were cute!  If you're in need of cookies for a special occasion, consider contacting Grace.  She really does excellent work!

And as if cookies weren't enough to celebrate, we had a scrumptious cake from the local grocery store....yum!

Peter is happy to wear his new sweater from his Godmother.
There were, of course, many more photos.  Grandma took some fabulous pictures of Peter in his baptismal gown...and I forgot to get them off of her camera before she left for home...ugh!  The gown is an heirloom which Todd wore at his baptism and all of our children have been baptized in it as well.  They each have their own bonnet as a keepsake of their first sacramental celebration.

I hope that your Lent is going well and you are preparing to enter into Holy Week.  We haven't kept all of our resolutions and have had to let many things slip.  We had some fabulous plans laid out.  Of course, those were all made pre-Peter.  So, for now, I am offering up many sleepless nights...such is life with a newborn.  We all do what we can, right?

God Bless!

Heather :-)