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Saturday, March 12, 2016

2 Months!

Our little Agnes is 2 months old today!  She is growing and changing so quickly.  Just today, her eye lashes grew and curled up...it's so adorable!

I take a picture of the children in this chair each month of their first year.  So, here is her 2 month picture.  It's amazing how big she is getting already!

Big sister Lillian is such a good helper.  She's always ready to jump right in and do whatever I ask of her.

This is Benjamin at the doctor's office on Thursday...2 hours at the doctor's office in the tiny room...yeah, 2 hours! He has a double ear infection and pneumonia. He's on an antibiotic and nebulizer steroids around the clock.  He's starting to return to normal and is back to running everywhere he goes.  We're hoping that he really turns a corner here soon and we can begin weening him off of the steroids.

Madeline and Haley had their Living Stations of the Cross performances this week at our church.  That is Madeline next to Jesus as one of the Weeping Women of the 8th Station. It is such a powerful performance and is very moving.  I'm so thankful that our church works with the youth to do this each year. It is an only youth cast - amazing!

The weather has been warmer - nice enough to eat lunch out on the deck! Hooray for spring time!

As part of Girl Scouting Sunday last week, our American Heritage Girls brought the gifts up at each of the Masses.  They were so respectful and reverent. Well done ladies!

And a random Peter selfie that I found on my phone.  This turkey definitely makes my life interesting and fun!

God Bless!

Heather :-)