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Friday, November 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Name that Saint!

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about rattlesnakes, books, and holidays that should be more fun than they are

Last night, all the children got dressed up as a favorite saint, loaded up into the van, attended holy Mass, and partied!  Our church has a well-attended, crazy, chaotic, super fun All Saints' Day party that the children look forward to all year long.  Honestly, they start discussing who they should be for the next year on the way home!  I thought it would be fun to play a little "Name that Saint" with some photos of the children in their finery!

I was born in present day New York in 1656.
I survived smallpox as a child and was an orphan.
I was baptized as a Roman Catholic and went to live at a Jesuit mission in present day Canada.
I was shunned by my Native American tribe because of my faith in Jesus Christ.
I am known as the Lily of the Mohawks.
I died at the age of 24.

          Who am I?

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

I lived in the 2nd century in Rome.
My purity and love for God converted my husband to the faith.
My husband and his brother were both martyred.  I died for Christ shortly after they did.
I am the patron saint of musicians and church music.

          Who am I?
Saint Cecilia

I was a carpenter and descendent of King David.
Angels spoke to me and told me how to best take care of my wife and son.
I am the foster father of Jesus and husband of Mary.
I am usually pictured with carpenter’s tools, the infant Jesus, or a staff with lily blossoms.
I am the patron of the Universal Church.

          Who am I?
Saint Joseph

I lived in Hungary in 11th century.
I was raised as a Christian.
I gave everything I could to the poor; many people did not like me for this.
While I was delivering bread to a poor family, my husband asked me what I was carrying. I told him roses but he did not believe me, when he looked into my basket, he miraculously saw roses instead of bread!
When my husband died, I used all of our money to build a hospital and care for the sick.

          Who am I?
Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

I was born in 291 and died in 304.
My family was wealthy.
I was raised as a Christian.
I loved God more than anything else and God helped protect my purity.
I gave my life for God when I was only 13 years old.
My name means “chaste and pure”.
I am usually shown holding a lamb.
I am the patron saint of young girls.

          Who am I?
Saint Agnes

My story is found in the Old Testament in the bible before the time of Christ.
My husband is a king who chose me for his wife.  He did not know that I was a Jew.
An evil man named Haman wanted to get rid of all of the Jews. He was an aid to the king.
My cousin Mordecai told me of Haman’s plan and I bravely went to the king to save my people.
The king punished Haman and prevented him from killing all of the Jews because we trusted in God.

          Who am I?
Queen Esther

I was born in Mexico on 1474.
The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to me and told me to ask the Bishop to build her a church.
When I went to the Bishop, he did not believe me and asked for a sign.
I went back to the hill where I saw our Blessed Mother and picked roses that were growing in the winter.
I put the roses in my tilma and went back to the Bishop.
When I opened my tilma to show him the roses that were miraculously growing in the winter, a beautiful image of Mary was on my tilma.
The Bishop ordered the church to be built!

          Who am I?
Here's a picture of the beautiful image of Our Lady that the big girls worked on this weekend.  Peter wanted nothing to do with wearing this.  As soon as we put it on him, he began to scream!

Ahhhh...I'm so much happier without my costume on!
Juan Diego

Didn't the kids do a great job pulling their costumes together?  I also decided to dress up a little bit this year.  Take a good look at the picture to meet our new "saint in the making"....hee, hee, hee!

Hmmmm....I don't think that I look that big already.  Must just be the camera adding 10 pounds, huh?

We are so excited about this it's been hard to keep it a secret!  We're 10 weeks and all seems to be going well.  I've been going to an all NFP Catholic clinic and am really happy with the care we are receiving.  Baby is penciled in to arrive at the end of May, but as we all know, baby will come when he/she is good and ready!

I hope that you all had a wonderful All Saints' Day celebration and that you continue on with prayers for All Souls' Day tomorrow.

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God Bless!

Heather :-)