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Monday, October 28, 2013

Rented! Sold? Moving!

Let me first acknowledge...I am a terrible blogger!  While I have been checking in with all my bloggy friends, I have been completely absent from my blog for over a month!  Life seems to be moving exceptionally fast around here and I just haven't been able to carve time out to sit down and get my thoughts into any kind of organized/readable format. Keeping that in mind...read along at your own risk!

So what has been keeping us so busy over here?  We have had about a billion (minor overstatement!) showings and cleaning a house top to bottom really eats up a day!  In the end, though, we rented out our house to a young family.  They move in on December 1st and have an 18 month lease with an option to purchase at the end of their lease.  So, is the house sold?  We don't know and ultimately don't really care. The good Lord brought us a great family who will take care of our home and pay us rent that will cover our mortgage.  

So, where are we going to live?  We found a rental home less than 2 miles away from our church and less than 10 minutes away from Todd's office....BINGO!  We move on November 22nd and really need to get our butts in gear and start packing....if only we weren't right in the middle of "crafting" season.  We are busily preparing for the Regional Hearts at Home conference in Rochester, MN, in less than 2 weeks.  I always think that we'll do a better job of planning and working ahead, but it always comes down to frantically sewing into the wee hours in the weeks before the show.

And of course there is this home schooling thing that we do all day.  The younger children recently took their "standardized test" and we found out what we already knew.  They are all progressing well and learning their stuff.  The further along I get in our educational journey, the more strongly I feel against testing for testing's sake...but that is a blog for another time.

That's the ultra quick update on the family.  I gotta sign off and go sew another hour or so before I can hit the hay for the night.  Hope that you are all doing well and am going to try and be a better poster in the upcoming weeks!

God Bless!

Heather :-)