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Monday, May 23, 2011

That's Better!

Did you even have one of those projects that you know will be super easy, but you just put it off.  For no really good reason, other than pure laziness?  The piano bench has needed to be recovered for, well, about 6 months now.  It wasn't a really pressing project, so it always got forgotten.  I'd cringe each week as the piano teacher came over and I thought, "Man, that really looks hideous!"

Anyhow, I bought a remnant at JoAnn's this weekend (less than $5!!!) and tackled the project this afternoon.  It took less than an hour and looks so much better.  We'll see if the piano teacher notices when she comes for lessons on Wednesday!

Look at how it is worn through and fraying all around...yuck!
A pliers, screwdriver, drill, staple gun, and an hour later...voila!
Here's some encouragement to go and tackle a little project that's been eatin' at you.  Take some time to check it off your list...you'll be so glad you did!  BTW - I just saw that my friend Grace must have had the same recovering bug as me.  Take a peek at her project and enter in her giveaway.

God Bless!

Heather :-)