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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Teacher Thank Yous

I loved the idea I found over at Blossoming Joy a while back.  I used it to make thank yous for the children's teachers.  In my former life, I was a teacher and received all kinds of gifts.  While they were all appreciated, unless the family knew me and my tastes well, I usually ended up with something to re-gift or donate to good will.  BUT, candy was always consumed!  With that in mind, here is one example of what we did. (Take a look at the tutorial to get directions and see what is inside)

Don't you think the curly ribbon is cute?
I don't know what it says about our family, but each time a child presented one of these cute little goody-cans to a teacher, they were worried that something was going to pop out at them....I guess everyone knows how much we like a good joke! :-)  BTW - nothing did pop out, although that would have been funny!

Joseph, Haley and Madeline with two of their very favorite dance teachers in the world!
Remember to thank the teachers in your children's lives.  They give so much of themselves and have huge impacts on our children - many times with little or no positive recognition.  And the little gifts from the heart are so appreciated!

God Bless!

Heather :-)