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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coughing, and Sneezing and Wheezing...oh my! (and other misc happenings)

Yep, we've got the cough/cold respiratory stuff at our house...again.  This time of year is tough and germs seem to spread at record speed.  Right now, the two oldest have it and are on nebulizer treatments, antibiotics and some nasty cough syrup at bedtime.  I have a humidifier going in their room and it feels like a tropical jungle in there!  We're praying that it is short lived and doesn't get passed through the entire house.

We reduced the price of the house....again.  But this is the last time we're able to do that as we're at our bottom number.  It's been almost a week since we reduced and haven't had any showings.  I was expecting it to be busy with showings this week.  Goes to show what I know about the realty game, huh?  :-)  Please pray that some family will come see our home that is able to make a full price offer.  It is a big house and we know that it is too many square feet for the average buyer, so it will take just the right person.  It's been on the market for a long time (about 10 months) and we're really ready to move past this phase of our life.

School has been going well.  We've been doing Math at night so that the kids can get a little extra sleep in the morning.  That has been working out great.  It makes me so thankful for the blessing of home schooling.  The older girls would have missed all week of school and been terribly behind.  Instead, we work at a slower pace and take naps in the afternoon.

We got outside today for a walk around the block.  The fresh air and exercise felt great, but the wind was really blowing.  It's supposed to cool off again tomorrow, so we probably won't have the scooters and strollers out again for a while. :-(  The big kids have been watching the little kids for a half hour each day this week so that I can walk on the treadmill.  They are such a help!  Even that little bit of exercise helps to clear my mind and improve my outlook.
You didn't really want to see me on it, did you?
I've been spending all my spare time sewing to get ready for the National Hearts at Home Conference in Normal, Illinois.  We've got less than three weeks to go and have made great progress, but there's always more to do.  The children are looking forward to having some "vacation days" with the grandparents while mom and dad are gone.
Normal, IL  March 11-12, 2011

Esther is almost weaned and is nursing just in the early morning when she wakes up.  I have such mixed feelings about it, but figure it's for the best.  We are going to be gone for 4 days and it seems silly to pump while we're gone to keep my supply up.  She's 16 months old already and is such a ray of sunshine to the house.  She keeps smiles on all of our faces and is really in to puckering up to get kissed...adorable!

I was hoping to put some pictures of the kids up, but can't figure out how to get them off the camera.  Oh well, some other time....I need to get sewing!  Hope that you're all having a blessed week!

God Bless!

Heather :-)