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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pictures at Target Portrait Studio

Esther is past 9 months old and the photos on the wall are over a year old, so we decided to get everyone's picture taken today.  I got the kids all cleaned up and in their Sunday best and we headed out to a Target portrait studio.  Todd came along so that he could manage the kids who were waiting and I could be in with the child who was being photographed.   The children did great and all the photos were taken in less than 25 minutes...whew!

Now for the best part....the bill.  I had a coupon for no sitting fee, a free 8 x 10 and $4 sheets of pictures.  I had another coupon for $4 off from the last time we were there.   So, I got 10 sheets of photos for $35....AWESOME!  My hubby is always amazed at the deal I get when I walk away from that place.  When our children were younger (and we had fewer of them) I always fell for the "enhanced" or "collaged" photo packages and spent close to $100 each time...ouch!  So, I'm quite proud of my progress in this department.

Esther Therese - 9 1/2 months

Eleanor Ann - 2 1/2 years old

Lillian Regina - almost 5 years old

 Joseph James - 6 3/4 years old
Haley Elizabeth - 8 1/2 years old

Madeline Rose - 10 years old

Enjoy and God Bless!
Heather :-)