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Sunday, July 25, 2010

2010 Pro-Marriage Tour

The National Oraganization for Marriage is in the middle of their 2010 bus tour and will be in Minnesota this week.  They will be in St. Paul at the capital for a rally from noon-1:00 on Wednesday.  Take a look at their website to see if their bus tour will be holding a pro-marriage rally near you.  They have been met with great resistance from the gay community.  I am proud to say that the pro-marriage demonstrators have been "calm and classy" for the most part and are not stooping the name calling, yelling and screaming of the counter protesters.

You may think that "gay marriage" is no big deal and really isn't an issue that concerns you or that the government should have any say in.   Please visit this page to educate yourself about why marriage matters and why this is such an important issue in our society today.  Remember to always be charitable, but never be afraid to be bold and speak the truth.

Even if you can't get to a rally or get involved in a public way, you can always pray.  Pray for the people of our country to uphold and defend the traditional definition of marriage which is between one man and one woman. 

God Bless!

Heather :-)