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Friday, March 27, 2015

TGIF! (aka Dad Comes Home Tonight!)

This has been one of "THOSE" weeks.  Todd left town for work on Sunday afternoon and won't be back until late tonight.  Because he typically home-offices, we are used to him being around a lot.  When he is gone, he is greatly missed!  Add to that, the 10 month old coming down with some sort of stomach bug...and I am greatly missing my partner-in-crime!  I'm pretty sure that Benjamin has rotavirus.  He threw up 4 times on Tuesday and has had very "loose" diapers with a distinctive smell ever since.  He's extra clingy, not eating much, and just not feeling well. I woke up this morning to Eleanor throwing up...ahhh...such is life in a large family.  We share everything!

So, I decided to takes some pictures of the fun in my life.  Let's start with Esther.  What's not to love about this 5 year old cutey?!?

Then there is Peter.  He decided to put on my sweatshirt and get all Sumo on us.  This kid really makes me laugh (and pull my hair out!) all day long!

And here is my pretzel crew.  Peter was insistent upon helping roll out the pretzels.  We held him off to just one and then made sure that he got that "special" pretzel that he worked on...and worked on....and worked on!

And here is little Benjamin after one of his many baths.  Lots of leaky, poopy diapers equals lots of tub time.  He just wanted to snuggle, so who am I to argue with the sick baby?

And as we're trying to pack up the house, the little kids are trying to play with everything "one last time" before it gets put away for a couple of weeks.  The littles were having a great time with the dress-up clothes.  Yes, that is a Peter-merman in the middle of his sisters.  You never know what you're going to see at the Kraft house!

And here is the house earlier this week.  We'll be stopping by to check on progress tomorrow once Todd is back home.  We've got 2 weeks from today until we purchase this house.....eeeeeek!  So excited and a little freaked out that we won't get it all done!

Hope that you have a wonderful weekend and a very blessed Holy Week!

God Bless!

Heather :-)