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Thursday, September 12, 2013

5 Favorites - On the "Tube"

The weather has finally cooled off into more bearable fall-like temperatures.  The month of August was sweltering.  It was literally too hot to be outside most evenings.  So, we had a good amount of movie nights and Todd and I had some date nights on the couch in front of the television....true romance, I know!  Here are a few of our family's favorites.

(1) Call the Midwife
Have you watched this?  Todd and I were hooked at the first episode.  It follows the life of a young midwife in a poor suburb of London just after World War 2. We streamed them all from the PBS website. Absolutely fabulous!

(2) White Collar
I stream this on Netflix when I exercise.  It is so good that I hardly even realize my 42 minutes is over...well, almost!  I've only made it through the first season (perhaps I should exercise more...you think?!), but so far it is quite entertaining. It follows a convicted white collar criminal who made a deal with the FBI to consult on cases in exchange for freedom.  Fabulous story line and pretty clean.

(3) Myth Busters
This is the kids' favorite which we also stream on Netflix.  They take myths and urban legends and try to figure out if they are possible or not.  They utilize oodles of science, math, and common sense.  Being the geeky home school momma that I am, I  am always careful to point out the importance of studying and working hard in all areas because you never know what kind of job God may call you to when you grow up.  Who knows, you may just become a myth buster!

(4) Star Wars
Pick one....any one...it really doesn't matter.  The older kids (Todd included!) would watch these back to back to back any night of the week.  The whole battle of good versus evil and the fight to use the force for good is captivating.  We picked these VHS tapes up at Goodwill for 50 cents each....cha-ching!

(5) Monsters, Inc.
Of course the little girls need to be watching something while the big kids are watching their "scary" movie.  One of their tried and true favorites is Monsters, Inc.  My favorite part is snuggling up with them and listening to their belly laughs....gotta love it!

Tonight was absolutely lovely and the weather was perfect.  We played in the yard and then walked to the park to play some more.  Needless to say, there was no television tonight...I love fall!

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God Bless!

Heather :-)