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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Got Ham?

Left over from Easter dinner?  We had a delicious ham dinner on Easter Sunday and have abundant leftovers.  One can only eat so many ham sandwiches, so I searched Pinterest for inspiration this afternoon.  I found a number of recipes, but only had all the ingredients for one.  Guess which one I chose?

Ham Pot Pie!

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?  It is just like a traditional chicken pot pie, only with ham.  The topping consists of biscuits instead of a pie crust, which my family prefers.  Haley made the biscuit dough and I made the filling.  We nocked it out in about a half hour, which isn't bad considering all of the dicing involved.

I wish that you could smell how deliciously yummy this was when it came out of the oven.

And this is all that was left about 20 minutes later.

Everyone ate it!  Even the ultra picky three year old. Okay, so she only ate the biscuit, but she sat at the table and chewed food with the rest of the family.  That counts, right?

I think that I may just chop up the remaining ham and toss it in the freezer so that I can make this again next week!

God Bless!

Heather :-)