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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thunder Snow!

This has been one wacky winter for weather, huh?  Just when it looked like all signs were pointing towards spring, Mother Nature had other ideas!  I guess Old Man Winter needed one last "hurrah" before retiring for the season.

Just 4 days ago, we were playing outside in the backyard with light, wind-breaker coats.

And today, we got dumped on!  We even had a little thunder snow this morning which totally freaked out the little kids!  Luckily, it wasn't as bad as they were predicting and we escaped with about 8 inches rather than the over a foot that was possible.  And, it was the really heavy, thick, wet snow which is just perfect for making.....snowmen!  Lots and lots of snowmen!

Fortunately, Todd was able to snow blow out the driveway while the children played.  I don't think they could have hefted that heavy stuff, especially what the snowplow left behind at the foot of the driveway.

So, now we wait for spring.  Each morning this week, I have woken up to the chirping of birds.  Man, they must be confused about this wacky weather, huh?  Makes me thankful for my nice, warm house and down comforter!

God Bless!

Heather :-)