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Monday, May 2, 2011

Divine Mercy and May Day

This was the first year that I really got my act together and did something extra to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday.  We prayed the novena all week and the children have gotten very good at reciting the chaplet.  We were able to get to confession, which is something that we're trying to do more often which is easier said than done when confession is only offered for 45 minutes before Saturday evening Mass.  We read a bit about St. Faustina and have added her to our daily prayers by asking her to "Pray for us!" (the kids like that part!)  And, I made some simple sugar cookies in the shape of hearts, frosted them white, and sprinkled them with blue and red sugar to symbolize the blood and water that came from Our Lord.

Joseph patiently posing for a photo before devouring his Divine Mercy cookie!

This Sunday was also May 1st which is May Day.  For whatever reason, this has become a big deal in our house.  The children love to leave treats on the neighbor's doorsteps and run away without being seen...at least that is the goal!  We make it an opportunity to show friendship and love to our neighbors, even those with whom we struggle to love.  This year, we put quotes about friendship from Mother Theresa and Thomas Aquinas on the tag attached to each basket.

The baskets all lined up and ready to go.  Very simple construction - dixie cup with pipe cleaner handle.  Of course, it is filled with some of the children's favorite treats!
Quick and take the picture, Mom!  We're ready to deliver!
We also had some good friends over for soup.  Sadly, it is still chilly soup-eating weather here in Minnesota.  So, we made the best of it and had dinner with some lovely friends.  Amazing how surrounding yourself with those you love makes it feel like the sun is shining!

God Bless!

Heather :-)