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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Joys of Having a House on the Market

Perhaps you can sense a bit of sarcasm in the the title of my blog.  We've had our house on the market for about 10 months now and have had very little interest, only a handful of showings.  We've been praying and praying and trying to remain patient.  Then, yesterday, we had a showing.  We had another one today. There is one scheduled for tomorrow.  So, whoever it was that started praying for us...keep it up!

This is our third house that we've lived in, so we have experience selling homes and know that it can be a lengthy and painful process.  However, the last time we sold, we only had 4 children (with one on the way) and the market was much better.  The most trying thing is getting and keeping the house clean right before a showing.  The 15 month old pretty much has to be either sleeping or in her high chair, otherwise she's running around the house in destruction mode and undoing everything we just did.

Maybe the most difficult pill to swallow is reading the feedback left by the potential buyers.  The couple that came through yesterday didn't like the house because "the home is very personalized and was intimidating to the buyers".  What does that even mean?  Leave it to my Haley to cut through the crap when she said, "Don't they know we're going to take all of our stuff with us?"  Man, that nine year old can really make me chuckle!

So, we keep praying, cleaning and persevering.  We truly feel that  God is calling us to make this move and know that if it is His will, He can make it happen.  It's that whole patience thing all over again!  Any prayers would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless!

Heather :-)