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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Additions to the Kraft House!

My husband said today, "There really is no end to the projects at the house, is there?"  We moved into our new home last Spring and it has been so much fun making this house our own.  However, there really doesn't seem to be any "down time" where we just chill and enjoy it all.

Our upcoming addition to the family, Baby Bubbles, is still about 3 weeks away. I had a check up today and she doesn't seem to be in any rush to come.  While we're all super excited to meet her, we're enjoying this "quiet time" before her arrival to take care of our house projects.

36+ weeks for Baby Bubbles.  Esther's cast is due to come off right around baby's arrival.

The biggest project at the Kraft house these past few months has been finishing off the bonus room over the garage.  We had it roughed in when they built the house. It will be a crafting/sewing room for our home business and a place for the kids to work on their craftiness as well!

This is what it looked like back in early November with electrical and insulation complete.  Moving that sheet rock upstairs was quite the task!

Just a few days later, the sheet rock is up and the mudding/taping/sanding process got rolling.

Another week later and everything was all dried up. On to the paint!

The rest of the house is grey (the builder allowed one color before charging more), so Todd got a little crazy and chose a shade of brown.  I really like it!

With the walls complete, the electrical got finished off and the trim went up. Doesn't that enamel white of the trim look great?!  

Lookin' good - just need the carpet!

We did get the carpet put in, but I evidentally failed to take a picture of it.  I am in the process of organizing all my crafting supplies and the room is a mess, so I'll have to add that later.  Todd and I took a trip to IKEA today to get the counter top/storage that will go against that far wall. With any luck, we'll get it all put together and organized this weekend and I'll do another post with the finished pictures.

God Bless!

Heather :-)