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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Saga Continues and Prayer Request

We were "for sure" closing on Friday.  Our (less than) stellar mortgage guy assured us that we would be closing so that we could move on Friday.  After all, we had the moving truck, moving company, and a small army of volunteers all lined up.  Then, at 1:00 on Friday afternoon, (when we should have been signing papers) the bank asked for clarification on something on our taxes. We responded in less than 10 minutes to their questions.  So, you would think that took care of it, right?  Not so!  Each time the bank has a question, that gives them another 48 hours until they have to deliver their paperwork.  And, of course, the bank is closed all weekend which means they actually have 96 hours.  (((Sigh))) 

Todd's folks headed back to North Dakota. We cancelled the movers.  The rental truck went back.  We called off our volunteers.

The entire house is boxed up, which would be a good thing if we were indeed moving.  So, now, we begin to unpack boxes (((another sigh))) so that we can live in the rental house another week.  I can't stomach another fast food meal.  I took the little kids to Aldi to get some groceries.  I made tacos for lunch and supper is in the crock pot.

Supposedly, we'll be closing "for sure" on Wednesday.  Todd had to cancel his trip for work so that we can sign papers.  Hopefully, we'll be able to get the moving company to fit us in on Thursday or Friday.  Hopefully, we'll be able to rally our awesome friends to help us out.

And, did I mention, that Madeline is being Confirmed at the Basilica on Sunday?  I was really hoping to be settled in the new house so that we could have a nice dinner afterwards.  Looks like we'll be dining out and ordering a cake....I guess that's not so bad, huh?

Here's a peek at the disaster zone we're living in for the next week or so.

Little kids playing "Reading Eggs" in the school room.

The kitchen.

Living room -  complete with building blocks!

Madeline studying for her science test online.

Benjamin eating rice rusks - man can he pack them away!
But, in the midst of all of this, I received an e-mail asking for prayers for a Wisconsin family. The father died when their car was hit by a deer as he was driving his family to the hospital to deliver their 8th child. His wife gave birth shortly after the accident. The other 7 children were in the car, but only sustained minor injuries.  This could easily be my family.  The father was the same age as Todd.  Their oldest is about the same age as my Madeline. I can't even imagine the tremendous sorrow surrounding the mother at a time that should be filled with joy.  Please pray for them.  Visit their Go Fund Me page and contribute financially if you are able. Being a single, homeschooling mama to 8 children...I can't even fathom that.

As much as these past few weeks have been frustrating to me and my family, we still have each other.  Go give your hubby a smooch...hug your teens....snuggle your toddlers...rock your babies...it's all such a gift.  We must not take life for granted.

God Bless!

Heather :-)