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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Waiting Game and Thankful for Everyday Life

I've made it to that point where I'm so ready to have this baby, yet apprehensive because I am fully aware of what it entails to actually birth a baby!  We're just passed the 38 week mark.  I have had some issues with high blood pressure and swelling which has put me on modified bed rest the past week and a half.  I had another check-up today and the bed rest is helping with blood pressure and swelling, but spending so much time in a reclined position isn't allowing gravity to do it's thing in progressing labor!  But, the baby is healthy and doctor isn't so worried about me.  That is good news!  I am not making any progress, so there is no possibility of induction until I start to look more "favorable".  The induction is a peace of mind thing as my labors move quickly and we are about 30 minutes from the hospital.  Because we moved during this pregnancy, it is all new to me again.  I am really liking my doctor and trust that he is taking excellent care of both me and baby.  I have heard great things about the hospital we're delivering at.  We toured it a couple months back and at least know how to get there!  That's about all the news I have on the baby front.

Now, to thankfulness in picture form!

Thankful for baby boy and making it to 38 weeks!
Thankful for this little guy who is about to become a big brother!  He really has no idea of what is about to happen, which is probably for the best!  He is enjoying having me laid up, though.  We've watched LOTS of Curious George and Blues Clues these past few days!
Yes, that is my belly - it's THAT big!

Thankful for a jumbo bag of pinto beans, plastic bin, miscellaneous kitchen utensils, and a bucket of dinosaurs...indoor sandbox!
It was really just a matter of time before he climbed in, don't you think?

Thankful for an extremely strong willed 6 year old who decided it was time to take off the training wheels...now!.  After 2 "lessons", she's got it down and doing fabulously!

Thankful for the 4 year old who lets the 2 year old push her around - literally!

Thankful for big sisters who spend hours and hours building train tracks.

Thankful for kitchen helpers who chop up veggies for soup - I just call it "home-ec" class! :-)

Thankful for teenaged artists who create works of art on the driveway!

Thankful for brotherly love!

Thankful for a family full of readers.  This little guy sees his big siblings with their noses in books all day long, so that's what he wants to do to!
See, I can read books just like the big kids!

And this is what Mom looks like when she reads her book!

So incredibly thankful for my amazing husband.  Can you tell that these little gals absolutely adore him?

And, while I don't have a picture to really capture it, thankful for my husband and older children who have really pitched in this past week to keep things running while I'm on bed rest.

Hoping that my next post will have pictures of a beautiful baby boy!

God Bless!

Heather :-)