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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To Bring You Up To Speed...

Whew!  Each day seems to fly by more quickly than the last.  I can't say that we're busy doing anything spectacular, just the day to day "stuff" of family life.

Showings/Selling the House
We have a few interested parties and have had many showings.  Of course, they all want to view the house over the dinner hour which is highly disruptive to our family.  We spent an afternoon/evening last week viewing homes in the area that we would like to move to.  Nothing is set in stone.  I'm so glad that I'm not a realtor!

Haley's Foot
Haley has been having increasing discomfort and pain in her left foot.  She is a tough kid and has actually been in tears a few times the past week which was a huge red flag to me.  We went to see a foot doctor and he diagnosed her with Plantar Fasciitis.  She's wearing some temporary supports and tennis shoes in the house.  Ice, ibuprofen, and stretches have also helped.  We're due to go back in two weeks to discuss future treatment options.

School and Field Trips
We're plugging away and fitting in school whenever and wherever we can.  Last week we went to the aquarium at the Mall of America. The big girls had just finished up their study of sea creatures and it was amazing to listen to them recall various facts as we walked through the displays.  It truly is a joy to be home with the children...most of the time! :-)

There were a few nice days last week where I just sent the kids outside to play.  They rode bike and scooters, bounced on the trampoline, swung, and dug in the sandbox for hours.  I do love the flexibility of homeschooling.  As it turns out, those might have been the last "glory days" of fall as the temperatures have dropped and the windy, bitter days of autumn seem to have settled in here in Minnesota. 

We have our home school co-op that meets twice a month and the children are really enjoying it.  They like the interaction with the other children.  I must admit, that I like it too.  It can get a bit lonely in the day to day work of schooling the children and keeping house.  Surrounding myself with other home school mamas lifts my spirits.

The first three weekends in November we have craft shows.  We had a very successful crafting season last year, so we have had to replenish everything.  Todd and I have been plugging away in the evenings.  The list is slowing getting completed.

Madeline and Haley are going to have their own booth at a local craft show.  They're crocheting and knitting like mad to have a good selection.  I hope that they do well and are encouraged to continue.  You've gotta love the entrepreneurial spirit in kids!

There are so many intentions on my prayer list right now.  Please say a prayer for these dear family and friends who are struggling with various life issues.
- Ginny's recent diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.
- Rod's irregular heart beats.
- Nick's recent heart transplant and recovery.
- Jim's unexplained weight loss and stomach issues.
- Tammy's brother diagnosed with West Nile Virus.
- Theresa getting treatment for early detected skin cancer.

Peter's Milestones
Peter is sitting on his own!  He is so proud of himself!  His siblings marvel at each new milestone he reaches.  He has started finger foods and drinking water from a sippy cup.  I don't like how quickly my baby is growing up!

Birthday Celebrations
We're getting ready to celebrate two birthdays this week.  The excitement level has reached record levels in the house.  I'm hoping to post pictures of the festivities!

The house is quiet...I must get some rest myself before someone is awake and in need of my services.

God Bless!

Heather :-)