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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Boy Blue - We're Ready for You!

I'm 37 weeks today and we're all anxiously awaiting Baby Gyver's birth.  I've never went earlier than a week and up to 10 days late, so I realize it could still be a while yet.  I had a check-up on Friday and am barely beginning to dilate.  I'm trying not to get too anxious or freaked-out about the impending labor/delivery.  Let's just say that I have my moments of calm mixed with those of fear and trepidation.  Any prayers you could throw my way would be immensely appreciated!
Here I am at 36 weeks. You can see, there isn't much room left.  He'll have to come out soon!

We've been trying to tie up any loose ends here at the house and get ready to bring baby home.  I realized yesterday that we don't even have any itty-bitty diapers, so we picked those up today.  While out and about, we stopped by Babies R Us to look at double strollers.  Our double stroller has been put through the wringer the past 10+ years and was in need of replacement.  Happily, we discovered that they are in the middle of their "Great Trade-In Event" which means you bring them your old baby gear and they give you a coupon for 25% off a new model.  This worked out fabulously for us as we were literally going to throw the old one in the trash and it ended up saving us almost $30!  Take a peek at their website for details. 
It looks so nice and clean.  I almost don't want to take it outside and get it dirty!

I feel that I have shown tremendous restraint in holding back on purchasing baby boy clothing. With five girls and one boy, our girl clothing arsenals are pretty well stocked.  I did pick up a few outfits for the new little guy!

The children had so much fun helping me pick these out.  I think the monkey outfit is our favorite!

Big sister Madeline has been busily crocheting for her baby brother.  Here are a few of the items that she is most proud of.

Newborn sized booties, hat for the hospital and larger booties...because she told me that he'll grow you know!

So now, we wait.  We try to get as much done as possible before baby comes.  We are all fully aware that life as we know it will be transformed  upon his arrival...and we can't wait!

God Bless!

Heather :-)