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Sunday, August 14, 2011

How Do We Get to Heaven?

The following conversation took place last night while I was rocking Eleanor before putting her to bed.

Mommy, where is heaven at?

     I'm not sure, but I think it's up in the clouds.

Is it way, way up in the clouds?  Higher than the airplanes fly?

     Yes, I think so.

And that is where God lives with all the saints, right?


Well then, how am I going to get all the way up there?

     (my mind is reeling, trying to think of a way to describe to a 3 year old how a soul isn't restricted in the same way that an earthly body is...silence...)

I know, how about a magic carpet?  That would work perfect!

Problem solved - no more anxiety about how she would get to heaven.  Eleanor then told me she was ready to go to bed and dream about the saints in heaven and how she would be one some day...God willing, we all will be!

God Bless!

Heather :-)