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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holy Week

Lord, I offer you all of me, all that I am and all that I am not.

I offer you every good decision and every regrettable mistake,

every great accomplishment and every missed opportunity,

every divinely inspired gift and every unapplied talent,

every success and every miserable failure.

I offer you all joy and all heartache, every kindness and every bitterness to be forgotten,

every twinkle in my eye and every tear flowing down my cheek,

every great love and each lost or irrecoverable act of charity.

I offer you every quiet reflective moment and all of the unneeded chaos around me,

all things holy and good in me and all things in need of greater purification.

I give you every joyful memory and every bitter foul pain,

each future moment and every missed opportunity to love,

every kind act and each regrettable harsh word,

all meekness and humility within me and every misplaced prideful thought,

every virtue and every weak vice, every laugh and all misery mixed with weeping.

I give you every healthy breath and every weakness of mind and body,

every attempt at chastity and every unworthy lustful thought,

every restful repose and every anxious sleepless night.

O Lord, you can have all of me, the beauty that you've deposited deep within me and the emptiness of my sinful thoughts. I love you and am yours completely.


Prayer adapted from catholicprayercards.com