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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When Mom Needs a Sick Day

My entire body aches.  It hurts to keep my eyes open.  I'm freezing cold, no wait I'm burning hot.  A hacking cough and sore throat only add to my discomfort.  Okay, so I realize that I've got the flu and nothing life threatening, but it does make being a home school mom difficult. 

Yesterday morning, we all got up early and dove into our regular school routine.  As the morning progressed, Madeline, Esther and myself all started to slow down a bit.  Then by lunch, I was ready to check out for the day.  So,  I bailed and let "media" entertain the children for a bit.  Dora, computer games and even some Wii - all normally off limits on school days.  The big kids were great and even little Eleanor kept saying, "Mommy, how you feel now?" as she'd give me a kiss on the head.

Today really wasn't much better.  Add 3 more sick kids into the mix and you can imagine what our house was like.  We did some coloring, read a-louds, and some more of the normally off limits media...ugh!  So, we're all trying our best to suffer with grace and "offer it up" for a greater cause.  We are aware of so many who are facing truly life altering illnesses that it's hard to feel too sorry for ourselves.   But it's human nature to want a bit of sympathy.  I'm really working at keeping my patience with the children and trying to stay on top of fever reducing medication for them all.  And most importantly, remembering to pray and ask for guidance during this trying time.

I think back to my days as a teacher and remember how easy it was to call in a substitute.  Wouldn't it be great, moms, if there was a sub-system and you could just call in sick?  But then, I guess, I wouldn't learn whatever it is that God is trying to teach me now.

God Bless!

Heather :-)