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Monday, January 31, 2011

Home School Phy Ed

One thing that I really like about our house is the unfinished basement.  It allows the kids to do outdoor things indoors during the middle of a Minnesota winter.  They ride scooters, tricycles, jump rope, throw balls around, jump on an exercise trampoline, roller skate/roller blade and whatever else that they can think of to burn off energy.

Here are a few photos of what home school Phy Ed looks like at the Kraft house.  We turn on some tunes and get moooooovin'!

It kind of looks like chaos, but they're all moving 
and nobody got hurt - that's a success in my book!

Lillian just got her first real pair of roller skates and 
doesn't quite have the balance/glide thing figured 
out yet...so her sisters rigged up a cushion to help her out!
  Eleanor's favorite thing to do is shoot hoops - and she's pretty good at it too!

Haley jumping on the exercise trampoline and carefully 
keeping her toes out of the way of all the rolling wheels.

Madeline's getting fancy and doing cross-overs with the
jump rope...I never did master that move! :-(

You probably noticed that Esther was not in any of the pictures.  Since I fear for her safety amid all the commotion, I put her down for a nap before we began.

God Bless!

Heather :-)