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Friday, September 10, 2010

All Is Good!

The main reason we're trying to sell our house is to move closer to a home schooling community that we've joined within the past year.  Today, we had our first co-op day and it was awesome!  We began the day with our hour and ten minute commute (yes, that's right - 70 minutes!) which explains our desire to move.  The drive is okay in the fall and spring, but the unpredictable winters of Minnesota make it treacherous at times and others just impossible to make.  Anyhow, we arrived just before 9 am and headed into the church for daily Mass.  Daily Mass is something that just doesn't seem to happen all that often in our family and it brings so much joy to me when we can get there.   The children were all well behaved and Father John had a nice homily filled with words that seemed to be spoken directly to me.  After Mass was over, the children all went to their classrooms and the littlest ones went to the nursery.  I headed to the chapel to lead the rosary, which is another thing that fills me with peace and joy.  After the rosary was completed, I checked in on the little ones in the nursery, changed some diapers, and chatted with a few moms.  Then I went and met a couple other moms at an informal "meet and greet".  Soon, the morning was over, we gathered up all the children, and headed out to big blue.  We stopped at McDonald's where the cashier asked, "Do you have a daycare?" and "HOW many children do you have?"  ((smile)) The children were perfectly behaved and everyone in the restaurant was looking our direction with happy faces.

It was one of those days where it seems that all was going right.  God is so good.  I struggled yesterday and today is so much better.  I spent the morning in fellowship with other women who are walking the same journey as me.  There is so much to learn from and share with one another.   I truly enjoy and look forward to these co-op days.  Finding like-minded people to support you is so important and I thank God that I've found this wonderful group.

God Bless!

Heather :-)