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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FDA Approves New Embryocidal Drug

Please take a few minutes to read the following article.  It's good to know what this drug really is before you hear the mainstream media discussing this new, wonderful, Plan B, super contraceptive.  I find it extremely interesting that it has such a lovely name of "Ella".  It probably wouldn't be so widely accepted if it had a name that called it what it really was - abortifacient.  Pay special attention to the comments left on a pro-life blogger's site.  It's quite chilling.

A Killer Named Ella: FDA Approves New Embryocidal Drug

from Catholic Online

Every NFP couple out there knows that they can potentially get pregnant on Friday from sex they had on Monday. They understand that sperm can survive for as long as five days in a fertile environment. They may have enjoyed their romantic encounter at home by candlelight, but the miracle of new life happened in the produce aisle while Mom was choosing potatoes.

Obviously, those in the medical and pro-abort community understand this as well, and last Friday they celebrated the news that the FDA has approved their new darling drug, “ella.” Ella is marketed as a contraceptive that can be used to prevent pregnancy as many as five days after sex.

It is a selective progesterone receptor modulator (SPRM), meaning it works as a contraceptive by blocking the progesterone needed for the ovary to release an egg. The drug’s purported life span is the same as a sperm, so according to the drug’s makers and marketers, ella is a safe, effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancy even after having sex. Nothing more.

Not so fast. Ella is chemically very similar to the abortion drug, RU-486 (mifepristone). Everyone familiar with how human life gets its start also understands that progesterone is needed to sustain a newly implanted, developing embryo. Cut off the progesterone and the new life will die. This is how RU-486 works, and since ella operates the same way, it could act as an abortifacient. In fact, the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists calls ella an embryocidal drug.

Suppose that 5-day window happened a little differently? Suppose sex and ovulation both happened on Monday and a child is conceived. If the woman decides to take ella on Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday, ella “works” not by preventing ovulation and conception, but by denying the new life the progesterone needed for survival. Whether the woman realizes it or not; whether she intended to or not, she may have aborted her child.

The misleading labeling of ella as an emergency contraceptive will likely have some very disturbing ripple effects. The pro-aborts and their allies in Congress will certainly demand that ella be included in federally-subsidized health care plans. RU-486 is banned from receiving federal tax subsidies, but by not being classified as an abortifacient, ella would not be. It also raises concerns that doctors and pharmacists will be forced to prescribe and provide ella despite their moral objections.

There is also the very real danger of ella being used off-label; the potential birth defects to babies whose mothers take ella attempting to induce abortion; the criminal use of ella by men to unsuspecting women; the potential danger to breastfed babies whose mothers take ella while nursing.

But perhaps ella’s most dangerous side-effect is the psychological one. It’s what ella – and Plan B and RU-486 – does to our perception of abortion and human life that is the most deadly.

It’s murder at the micro-level, hidden from view and carried out in private. No evidence of the crime; no evidence the child was ever here. Before long abortion at home becomes commonplace. Just pop a pill and eliminate your baby, not unlike getting rid of a headache.

Soon it becomes acceptable, even rationalized as “better” than an abortion at 6 weeks or 12 weeks because the baby is so small, so unformed as to be considered barely human yet. Yes, surely if a woman wants an abortion, it’s better she does it this way when there’s “not really a baby” yet. And with little resistance, society as a whole soon decides this type of abortion is a good thing. It’s simple, accessible, cost-effective (since it’s covered by insurance), and best of all, done in secret. Where public opinion is concerned, out of sight is out of mind.

The writing on the wall is impossible to miss.

A pro-abort commenter on Jill Stanek’s blog said it painfully well:

“Chalk up another win for the Pro-choice movement… you guys have been at this for what 40 years? Don’t worry I’m sure your day will come, lol.
You know with these types of pills becoming more effective and accepted you guys should be happy; those awful pictures you hold up will be a thing of the past. As time goes on it will be easier and easier to abort a pregnancy long before any type of real growth can happen. There will be no more aborting fetuses that in any way resemble a human shape. Heck they won’t even be fetuses since they will not be allowed to implant into the uterus. Just a small clump of cells in the beginnings of division…”

Real growth… resembling a human shape… small clumps of cells…easier and easier to abort. Easier and easier to justify, dismiss, ignore, and even defend. As this commenter said, a human being who doesn’t resemble a human shape is not alive, not a person and utterly extinguishable.

If we embrace drugs like ella, Plan B and RU-486 into our culture en masse, the only possible fruits will be the extermination of countless numbers of children and the further perversion of our view of human life. How easy it will be to live for physical pleasure and simply swallow a pill to get rid of an “unwanted.” How sick and evil our thinking will become when we come to accept the “rightness” of chemically executing our children with hardly a second thought.

This will be an insidiously deadly strike at the heart of motherhood and femininity. Now the next step is taken – mother not only makes the choice to kill her child, she carries out the murder by her own hand. Or else, she unwittingly ends the new life within her, believing she is only preventing ovulation. Either way, the prince of darkness and lies has further cemented enmity between mother and child and planted a crop of death for humanity to harvest.

And what a bitter harvest of violence and hatred it will be.

It may be tempting to believe an abortion that occurs 5 days after conception is better than one that occurs at 15 weeks of gestation. It may seem more palatable, even more humane, since there is no bloody body to see and grieve for. Without a heartbeat, or tiny fingers or a little face to behold, are we still convinced that the miracle of a new person brought into being is a miracle? Are we still convicted that this new life is distinct and unique, an unrepeatable person made in the image and likeness of God, whom we are obligated to protect? If the answer is yes, -- and it better be -- then there can be only one response to ella and all drugs like it: it is the chemical execution of a child.