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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Family Fun Day 2010

One of the greatest things about home schooling is the flexibility that it allows.  Todd has a couple of crazy weeks coming up at work, so we decided to take a family fun day today!  We brainstormed ideas last night and came up with going to some favorite parks.  We all packed into Big Blue and hit the road.  We said a family rosary on the way in honor of Mary's birthday, which I'll talk more about later. Our first stop was Staring Park in Eden Prairie.

Here's Haley cruising down the slide. 

They all had a great time...until, Lillian tripped on the way to the car and skinned up her knee.

After a lot of drama and a little TLC, she was fine.

Our next stop was "Chutes and Ladders" park in Bloomington.  We don't get here very often, but the children absolutely LOVE it!

Joseph climbing one of the huge cargo nets.

Madeline and Eleanor looking at themselves in the funny mirrors.

Esther watching me help Eleanor with her digging.

After park stop number 2, we were ready for some lunch.  We stopped at a mall, ate, and ran a few errands.  What?  Errands on family fun day?  You couldn't expect me to be at the mall and not check a few items off my list, could you?!  The kids spent almost an hour in Barnes and Noble - love that store.  Also, did you know that home educators qualify for their teacher discount card?  It's 20% off every purchase, all the time!  It doesn't take long for that to add up!

Our last park stop was close to home at Minnetonka Regional Park.

Lillian and Eleanor trying to figure out how to walk on this rolling thing without seriously hurting themselves!

When we returned home, we had a make-your-own supper.  You know, every man, woman, and child for themselves!  I do that once a week or so to make my life a little easier and the kids really like it.  Anyway, after the kitchen was cleaned up we had our birthday celebration for Mary.  I picked up some fresh flowers to put by her statue and we made some cupcakes with light blue frosting.  We all sang happy birthday to Mary and enjoyed a cup cake.  Madeline commented, "Isn't it nice that we got to have a fun day off on Mary's birthday!"  And in her adorable little two year old voice, Eleanor said, "Mary is the Mother of God." 

Here is Mary with her fresh flowers and birthday cup cakes.  Happy Birthday Mother Mary!
I got the idea for this from one of my favorite blogs called Catholic Icing - check it out!

Now the kids are all in bed and I've really got to get sewing.  The fall craft show season is upon us and I'm not ready....yikes!

God Bless!

Heather :-)


  1. Oh how fun! I haven't heard of the chutes and ladders park, it sounds awesome!

    What do you sew? I sell my things at craft shows too, but probably won't get any in this fall besides the one I already planned for back here in WI. It's too late to really plan for any in MN with my moving and things. But you should post which ones you go to!

  2. Chutes and Ladders is part of the Hyland Park reserve in Bloomington. The playground is just a small piece of it - great place for recreation!
    I have a home business where I sew "handmade gifts for infants, children and moms". My first craft show is Nickle Dickle Day next weekend - Sept 18th - in Waconia, MN. Then we've got about a month off before we have a show every weekend. It gets kind of nutty, but it's the time of year when people are ready to buy things, so I guess we need to be ready to sell! You can take a look at my website (which needs to be updated...another thing to get done!) by clicking on the "My Kraftings" tab on the header of the page.
    When and where are you moving to in MN? And what things do you sell at craft shows? I could probably read back on your blog and find answers, but this is easier!
    God Bless!
    Heather :-)

  3. Love the cupcakes, and what a great Mary statue! Glad you guys were able to celebrate, and thanks for leaving your link! :-)

  4. I mostly sell dog collars, cat collars and toys for pets. Lately I've been making purses and have thought about selling them, but it's a lot more work to do those, so we'll see.

    I'm getting married in two weeks, my fiance is from MN and so I will be moving over there. He lives outside of St. Paul. We'll be living with his mom for a bit while we search for a house :)

    Good luck with your shows this fall! I hope you do well!


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