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Monday, October 10, 2011

Esther Turns 2!

Little Esther turned two today!!!  Two years ago, it was a snowy October morning as we left for the hospital.  It's been in the 80's the past week...we have such interesting weather here in the Midwest!  I snapped a few photos of Esther's day to share.

Notice all of her "friends" behind her...she refuses to sleep without them!
After preparing the customary birthday breakfast of monkey bread, the older children and I all went in to wake up the birthday girl.  She looked at us quite puzzled as we sang her awake with an early morning "Happy Birthday".

Because she celebrated her second birthday, she got two presents from Todd and me.  This is a puzzle/shape/magnet book that she instantly took a liking to!

My "helpers" licking the frosting off of the beaters.
Esther and Eleanor were eager to "help" me frost the cake.  I use the term help loosely...it was mostly me feeding them bits of frosting to keep their fingers off of the freshly decorated cake.

Yes, she is trying to climb onto the table.  She's a busy gal with no time to sit!
There she is - the birthday girl!  She's been sensing that life is changing.  I think that children are hard wired to get a sudden thirst for independence right around their second birthday.  She prefers to sit at the big table now and not her high chair.  She fights getting buckled into her car seat, stroller, or shopping cart.  She runs away in fits of laughter in any public place leaving her pregnant momma to waddle after her.  So, I guess, we're right on track!  She's doing exactly all the things that any self-respecting two year old will do...life is good!

God Bless!

Heather :-)