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Saturday, November 27, 2010

We're Almost Out of the Woods

It happened again.  Last year, over Christmas and New Years the stomach flu hit our house.  This year, on Wednesday evening, the baby woke up from a nap and threw up.  Then about an hour later, the 5 year old threw up.  Another couple hours and it had hit both me and the 8 year old.  That was one LONG night!  By the next morning we were all a bit weak, but on the mend.   Thursday night, the 2 year old and the 7 year old got it and the baby was still not well.  Friday night and most of Saturday were uneventful until about an hour ago when my hubby got it.  The only hold out is the 10 year old....will it last, or is it just a matter of time?

So, this Thanksgiving weekend, I am thankful for some different things that probably did not come up in any of your lists.

Indoor plumbing!

A working washer and dryer right in the house!

Disinfectant spray and wipes!

Of course, I am thankful for a whole other host of things, but right now...deep cleansing breath...I'm just thankful to be keeping food down and that we're close to beating the stomach flu!

God Bless!

Heather :-)