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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two Down - One to Go!

The whole Craft Show world is unusual.  It is such a short season, that we feel we really need to take advantage of good opportunities to sell our wares.  This has gotten progressively more difficult as our family has grown larger over the years.  Additionally, there is a massive crunch trying to get more of something made that sold well last year at any particular sale.  And of course, I've always got new ideas for things! 

This month has been a blur (is it really Thanksgiving next week?!?) and our family was starting to feel it.  Even though we've got one last craft show this weekend, I've decided to back off and just have a "normal" week with schooling and activities without mommy stressing about getting more blankets done.  I've been sewing after the kids go to bed, and that's it.  They are my priority - and I need to remember that. 

We had many small successes today.  School was done by noon.  The kids played in the snow - for 2 hours!  There were minimal melt-downs (from both me and the kids!).  We had a family meal before daddy has to travel again tomorrow (chicken noodle soup and fresh bread...yum!).   I had an online bible study with some fellow Catholic, home schooling moms tonight (refreshed my spirit for the rest of the week).  Today was a good day - praise God for that!

God Bless!

Heather :-)